#206. 3 Easy DIY Scrub Recipes for Summer Weather

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When it comes to the warmer months, I love to show a bit of skin! But with this comes the importance of protecting yourself from harmful UV rays. Many think that to achieve this they must apply sunscreen, job done…! Not quite. Of course sunscreen is absolutely necessary when being in the sun, but the care that takes place once your home is just as important! Spring/Summer sun can quickly harm your skin, but to build up its resistance so that your sunscreen is even more effective you MUST exfoliate! So I’ve chosen the 3 most susceptible areas of your body to get burnt, your lips, your shoulders, and your scalp!

Not only will this help to keep you protected in the long run, it will also help you to achieve that glowing look we all strive for when the sun comes out!


A quick disclaimer before we begin, although exfoliation is incredibly important to incorporate into your skincare routine, it is NOT something you should on a daily basis as it could cause your skin to become dry and irritated. I encourage exfoliation once or twice a week at most, don’t fear though! All of these DIY scrubs can be popped in the fridge, meaning no wastage and less hassle!

The directions for each recipe is as followed:

Mix thoroughly until all the ingredients are combined.

The use for each recipe is as followed: The area of application must be prepped with warm water to help the scrub apply better. Place onto the are and rub gently in circular motions with either a flannel, soft exfoliating brush/mitten, or your fingertips. Wash off with warm water, pat dry and apply a moisturiser.

Feel free to add a few drops of your favourite essential oils to any of these recipes!

  1. Lip Scrub

Honey, Coffee and Coconut

2tbs of Honey


1tbs of Coconut

1tbs of Coffee

  1. Shoulder Scrub

Oats, Strawberry and Almond

½ cup of Oats

6 Strawberries


3 tbsp of Almond Oil

Add water if required

  1. Scalp Scrub

Brown Sugar, Lemon and Argan Oil

¼ cup of Brown Sugar

Half a Lemon Squeezed


Half a Lemon Zest

4 drops of Argan Oil

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