#68. He couldn’t take His Eyes off me

Hello Moms,

Written By Christiana Stephen

                      Love for all it is should be nurtured not left for chance to define

-Christiana Stephen



It is a good day and I have decided to write about the benefits of keeping up your game even after having kids. Sometimes we feel because we have kids we should just let things slide with nature. But I do not think that is the right approach to life.


I understand that child care is very demanding and the last thing you wanna think of is your spouse, that should not be the case. Try and add spice to your life each day. Do not let motherhood take your marriage away.


You always have to be on your game and make sure no one beats you to it. If you do not there are a million people out there who are willing to take your joy from you. Growing up I had a friend who will always say ‘I will keep my husband on his toes’. Yeah that’s the spirit. Give him reasons to fall in love with you over and over again.




Keep it lively and spicy. I can’t teach you how to make your marriage work but i can tell you how to add spice to your marriage in a generic way. Men are captivated by sight, so make sure you do not walk around like a holy at thou mom. Make him chase after you. Wear things that are seductive enough.


You must not wear them outside but inside nothing stops you. Change your lingerie, this is the one thing only you and your partner is opportuned to see- so keep it sexy and real.


Look after yourself by this I mean your body, how you smell, your nails, your hair. Do not leave anything to chance.



Don’t make the mistake a lot of people make. Even if you do not want to do this for your spouse at least do it for yourself. Eat right and stay healthy.

Dress: Boohoo

Shoes: Asos

Clutch: Louis Vuitton

Ring: Warren James

Watch: Skagen

Inspired By Shirley Dee: My Lovely Fashion Blogger

Photo Credit: Hubby of Life

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