#19. STORY TIME: A welcome home smoothie

Hello Moms,

An exotic smoothie with apricots, mangos, and bananas
Peach, Mango, & Banana Smoothie

Before we got married, a lot of us use to spend so much time with our partners either talking on the phone or hanging out. Spending majority of our time was the most interesting part of our journey, then all of a sudden kids arrive, creating that time has become luxury we just can’t afford.

Sometimes we even stay in the same rooms but ignore each others needs. Its time to wake and spark up our love lives again.


it’s a Friday and the end of a stressful week. A time to relax and share stories of how your week was with your spouse. Yes so don’t forget to share a cup of chilled smoothie. A treat to say ‘we both have worked hard this week, let’s have some time with ourselves’. I decided to drop by and share tips on how to make your weekend fun filled and a bit unusual.

  1. Go for an evening stroll: walking is a good way to burn some calories and also a time to catch up on all that has happened this week. a good time to relax your mind from all the worries.
  2. Treat yourself and spouse to a sensational smoothie with this tips.
  3. RECIPES- 1 Peach, 1 Mango, 1Banana and coconut milk.  Add all together and blend with either water, almond milk or coconut water. I call it the Sensational smoothie’. Instead of chocolates give this to your spouse, it works.
  4. Take a shower together: it is always advisable for partners to do things together-I am not a marriage counsellor but it works like magic.
  5. Talk about anything exciting
  6. Watch movies together
  7. Read your lover a bedtime story: to create a romantic weekend, why not start with a romantic night. Try doing something different like choosing a romantic or sexy story and reading to your spouse. Make this evening worth it. Its not only about the kids but also our spouses too.
  8. Try a pillow fight
  9. Give your partner a hot bath . This is a great way to spend quality time with your partner because it not only gives you the intimacy of being close together, but it just might lead to something really spicy to top off your evening.these are some of the things i have mapped out for my Friday night. Feel free to explore. Remember marriage is what you put in it. It takes 2 to tangle, the head is as vital as the body.

It is not always easy to spend time with our spouse because of so many engagements, but try and work something out this weekend.

Happy Weekend

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