#83. Christmas and Unhealthy Eating: 8 Ways to Overcome-Christiana Stephen

Merry Christmas,

Roasted chicken on the plate

Christmas is here and a lot of us have planned on how we will let down our guards and eat just about anything. We are determine to over indulge. It may be one day and a festive season but one day is very important in a weight loss journey. Try not to pick up any unhealthy habits. Remember bad habits are so difficult to stop. Irrespective of season you still have to stay conscious and aware of yourself. Do not be pushed into believing that because it is Christmas I must eat anyhow, that’s just a myth.

If you have spent the whole year trying to figure out how to be healthy, eat healthy and stay healthy why do you want to loose all that over a short season. I hear people say this Christmas I must eat rice, I must eat very well. That is a very wrong attitude. Remember it took you a long time to loose that weight or train your body towards eating right try not to loose it for anything.

Roasted chicken on the plate

25th December is a day just like 15th September, the only difference is we have been pushed to believing that it is a day to do anything. Remember if you are a Christian, Christmas is a good time to reflect on your relationship with Christ while celebrating His birth not a time to drink alcohol, smoke, party and or eat unhealthy. Celebrate Christ not unhealthy eating. You can celebrate with healthy meal, be reasonable, do not eat until you are unable to walk.

Ways to Overcome Unhealthy Eating During Christmas

  1. Plan Your Meals before hand
  2. Do not overeat
  3. Balance your meals- ie Protein, Vegetables, fruits and just a bit of carbs
  4. Do not deviate from healthy meal patterns
  5. Christmas is a festive period not a period of over indulgence.
  6. Eat before you go for a party with this you will not be under pressure to eat unhealthy meals
  7. Learn to say no to unhealthy meals and do not feel bad about it. Be polite as you do
  8. Always remember that if you stray from healthy eating it will set you back further

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