#49. Story Time: How to loose weight & keep it off…

Written by Christiana

Hello Moms,


It is good to loose weight but keeping it off is another story entirely. When we are caught up with just anything to loose weight, it becomes very difficult to keep off the weight. That’s why I always recommend when going on a weight loss journey instead of a one off thing make it your lifestyle.

Here are some habits that has helped me keep off the 30kg I have lost so far.

  1. Routines and Lifestyle: for some reason I can clearly say that one major thing that has helped me is creating routine and making it my lifestyle. So instead of just do something out of the blues, i create a routine to encourage a healthy lifestyle. For example; drinking plenty of water, sleeping at least 8hrs a day, not eating after 7:30pm and a lot more habits that I have learned in the process of loosing weight.
  2. Eliminating foods or tagging certain foods as ‘bad; according to organizeyourselfskinny.com ‘With all the restrictive diets flooding our tv’s and computer screens you would think the only way to lose weight would be to completely eliminate food groups and only live off kale and water. Well that is not the case. I actually didn’t loose weight by not eating what I love to eat but I learnt a way to create a perfect balanced meal with the foods we consider as bad. For example, I love eating rice so much and I never cut rice away while loosing weight because that wouldn’t even be so easy to do. Considering that rice is one food I really can’t avoid in my home especially with my kids I found a better way of eating it.
  3. Be Part of a weight loss Group: most times people think ‘why should i be part of a group just to loose weight?I can tell you that as a blogger I have been part of several groups in other to loose weight. these groups keep you accountable especially with people who the same weight loss goals as you. So get involved in a group that will help you keep track and be an accountability weight loss system for you.
  4. If you are starting your weight loss journey follow a meal plan that is sustainable for you. Look at the long run and ask ‘how sustainable will this plan be? A meal plan is good to help you plan your meals ahead of time.
  5. Don’t be rigid: you need to be flexible when trying to loose weight. What i mean is there are times the human in you would show ‘be real, don’t try to be someone else. It may take long be consistent. No matter how slow you go it is better than nothing.
  6. Exercises are very important; apart from loosing weight and keeping it off. It also helps your heart pump.

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