#40. Pregnant?Get up & make it fun…

Hello Moms,

pregnant woman practicing yoga and fitness at home

Pregnancy is a very important journey, for some it last 40weeks-it could be more or less…just get up and make it fun. You will never have this particular journey again. For me I enjoyed all my pregnancies and will like to share tips on how to make it fun.

I am not a medical doctor but I’ll share some tips on how you can make this journey worthwhile.

1). Food: what you eat during pregnancy is very important. Some moms crave healthy foods and others anything goes. Whatever your craving is try to eat healthy..fruits, vegetables, fluids are important.

According to nourishingminimalism.com ‘Nutrition is key, 90% of a good birth is dependent on nutrition. What you eat matters through before conception, your entire pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Eating a traditional diet means you have all you need to keep a healthy body and feel good and it gives the baby everything it needs to grow and develop well. Good nutrition means less heartburn, (eat regular amounts of protein to avoid heartburn), more energy and faster recovery’.

2) Exercise: my midwife once asked me to always go on a walk but more than that with all my pregnancies I had an active gym life and it was rewarding to me. I did brisk walk, went on a run, did all I use to before I was pregnant. Staying active will help you during delivery and postpartum days. According to nourishingminimalism “having a brisk 2 mile walk every day means you reduce change of hemorrhage after birth, it also means that birth will be easier do and recover from’.

3). Rest: during pregnancy the body. Works so hard at making the baby develop properly. So rest well, sleep is vital.  Listen to your body and sleep when you need to sleep. This typically means napping (especially in the first and third trimester) and getting a good amount of sleep at night. 8 to 10 hours is best.

4) Pregnancy supplements: this is very important. Doctors aren’t crazy to recommend those supplements so make sure you follow your doctors advice.

5) Massage: go for a massage or ask your partner to give you one, you deserve it.

6) Hang out: always surround yourself with people who make you laugh and those you can be real to. There’s nothing as important as being yourself.

Talk if you have to, play if you have to, cry if you have to, it’s a journey and a phase that will pass.

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