#. 196. How I brought A Shark home, thanks to Google AR-Dr. Christiana Stephen

Dear Moms,

Guess what I DISCOVERED? Moving round the net, I found something interesting that can engage the kids.

A665E0A8-7B96-4492-A54C-031A55B5CDE3Google AR has been something for me. Staying home with kids means finding different ways to engage them, after being thrust into homeschooling duties following the corona virus lock down and school closures. The feature boasts a massive range of animals, from tigers to pandas and lions, many people have been left wanting more. In Augmented Reality you can get the listed animals right in your home.

How to get access:

1. Install Google Play Services for AR. Download and Install Google play services for AR App helps in opening the AR applications in your Android mobile If you already have the app update it to the latest version.7E0B1873-4297-4DC7-85F4-83505CB2C855

2. Go to google.com and search animals like Tiger, Dog, Cat or please see below to check the list of Animals you can see them in 3D, I’m searching ‘Panda’ here.

3. Click on View on 3D- Scroll down in the Google search page and click the “View in 3D” button, If you are not seeing this button, then you don’t have ARcore, try to install and check. ,

4. View Panda in your SpaceC331D50B-5748-4313-A5A5-50AB68AFEFAB

5. Move your phone around5699DB06-5596-4A0C-B1FA-8A268A5962A1

6. Get Entertained. As simple as that…499CBD89-5E02-42EB-AFCA-85A3EF9DC8B5

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