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‘I have always watched my weight but some times I go off the track and when I did the detox plan, it really help me get back on track again and i don’t waste my gym membership money again. this group is really been encouraging and good’…..Olusola, London

Yes!!! So happy to have participated in the 7days detox program. Thank You so much, Ma’am. My experience: I feel very light now. No stomach bloating, no shortness of breath. In fact, my belly is flatter under 1 week. I’m so happy I wouldn’t have believed I could eat fruits and vegetables as main  food.  Especially in the morning and night. Mmmm! Eating raw spinach/ginger etc wasn’t easy but I did it. I even continued with it since yesterday. My skin surely got clearer. Finally, there may not be a visible reduction in weight but I believe that continuing with this healthy eating habit will surely pay in the long run.
God bless you abundantly, Mrs Christiana. You’ve been a blessing to many Moms…..Chidimma Ochuenwike, Nigeria

my detox diet was amazing I couldn’t even believe i could go through it till the end. I initially weighed 80kg when I started but after d detox I dropped to 77kg. its amazing Throughout the detox I noticed I passed out urine frequently,my stomach was flatter and I didn’t feel so hungry because of the water I was taking. am so pleased with myself and ever since the end of the detox I have been so conscious of what I eat. I do a lot of fruits  and vegetables and even try to eat a proper meal once a day! I can’t even believe myself because I love food so much. thank u so much ma. am with u all d way. I have paid for the closed group I can’t wait for more weight loss tips……Kemisade Omolaoye, Nigeria

Good day,  I followed your meal plan  and I lost 2kg, I weigh 95kg but now 93kg I know am still very fat and have a long long way to go but it does feel good, am beginning to have a rethink on my eating habits I have to include more fruits and vegetables and less unhealthy foods also exercise. .. Thank you so much for this please if you have other meal plans I will love to participate…agatha iyereisibor , Nigeria

I lost 7kg in 7 days. AMAZING!!!!The detox meal plan was a lifesaver. Before now,  I was always feeling bloated. Now, I am as fit as a fiddle.I have a very oily skin and I keep breaking out on my face,  chest and arms. And guess what,  not one blemish in the past 7 days. And to crown it all,  my face is smoother.So I guess eating right is KEY.I feel full with this meal plan. The urge to snack or eat in between meals is not even present. I guess I am stuck on the lemon and ginger tea. Ever since Saturday, I have been taking it morning and night and my waist line has started shrinking. AMAZING!!…funmi lamidi, Nigeria

It was really a awesome journey which started out like it was not possible. But with determination, I set out on the 7days detox journey having it at the back of my mind that I don’t wanna be left out from been an amazing mum.So the first two days felt so stressful for someone like me that is  used to eating the regular way of eating. By the third day, I was gradually getting accustomed and it was becoming less tedious. I was surmounting the mountain of not eating the regular way.Here I am at my destination though yet to reach my goal.Thanks to the coordinator…..Cutie Angel, Nigeria

Good morning Christy…. I lost 3kg after the 1 week detox  plan.i notice a clearer and smoother skin and also feeling lighter after the plan.I have  learn the habit  of taking fruits  as meals…. Thanks so much… It was actually a wonderful experience… Cheers. Will also love to be enroll in  the next meal plan…Cecil Brown, Nigeria

This week I wore some clothes that i saved for when i slim down. My tummy is coming down and this has been a struggle for me the last 2years. Again i must say I really love your blog its informative and colorful, user friendly….Abiola, Nigeria

Everything about 50 Amazing Moms all on point…, the page is so colorful and the tips are so helpful. In fact i always look forward to Christy’s tips…Kemisade, Nigeria.

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  1. I want my Tommy and my body to come down. am a slim person before I marry bcoz cs during child birth my Tommy come out.. mother of two boys but still breastfeeding

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