Category: Weight loss ideas

#143. The Digestive Smoothie

Hello Moms, ‘this is a simple smoothie recipe to aid digestion and reduce bloating. If you are like me who suffer bloating a lot this may help. Bloating can make your weightloss seem slow because each time you look at your belly you feel nothing is really happening and thus you give up. 1 Grape…

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#135. Pasta Salad

Hello Moms, Every time I try out new ways of getting my food exciting. My pasta salad is quite easy to make. Ingredients 1. Pasta macaroni 2. Carrots 3. Sweet corn 4. 1 onion 5. Red bell pepper 6. Green peas Direction slice onions boil pasta till tender steam sweet corn, peas,carrots, red bell pepper…

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134. Olive Oil- Health Benefits

Hello Moms It’s a new year and we urge you to start making healthy choices. There are many disagreements about fats in the diet. However, olive oil, especially extra virgin, is good for you. The benefits are quite fascinating making olive oil a great healthy choice. 1. It Controls Cholesterol: You can lower the levels…

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