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Hello Moms,


I hope New Year’s Day was good and you had a great start into 2019? Over the past months, I’ve had a lot of you ask when I’ll get back to running my weightloss and detox programs and I haven’t really had the time to respond.

My take on weightloss is you have to stay consistent, some times you May get stuck on the way but it shouldn’t discourage you. The festive season just rounded up and I think it’s a good time for you to get back on track.


How? A detox is the best way to get your body gradually back into a healthy route. If you haven’t been consistent with your healthy eating and lifestyle, here are some few points for you.

1. Get your mind to it: it is challenging to start something when you can’t resonate with it. No matter how much you are pushed, you just must put your mind to and in it for that to work. So, get your mind to it. Think about what positive changes you would want for your body and entire wellbeing.

2. Get an accountability partner: I’ve found that when people get into groups with likeminded people, they get motivated. Get a friend, find a wellness group and be part of it, if you need extra motivation,

3. Stay motivated yourself: self motivation is very important in every aspect of life, you have to find something that motivates you. I literally look at my old pictures as a way of motivation and it works great for me

4. Be consistent: nothing beats consistency, so be consistent in your approach

5. Start a detox: get a detox plan and begin…

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